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401(k)/403(b) Day 2015: 5 ways for a secure retirement

Bring financial wellness to your participants with this year's campaign.

The 5 Ways for a Secure Retirement campaign focuses on Budgeting, Spending, Saving, Planning, and Sharing. Make it a 401(k) or 403(b) Financial Wellness week and highlight one of the subject areas each day! Or, create your own "day" either the day after Labor Day or any day of your choosing and provide the complete campaign. All of the subjects are contained on a website,, that your participants can access directly.  Customize the promotional flyers, posters, and e-mails with your company name and logo.


The theme carries through on 

  • an 11" X 17" poster
  • a matching flyer to use as a desk drop or to mail out
  • e-mail header and logo

Program Materials

Download the program guide, which will explain how to use, and the materials, then download the materials below to promote the campaign:

Thank you to WISER for supplying the children's book.

Thank you to Financial Finesse and Voya for materials and creating the campaign images! Without them, this campaign would not have been possible.