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401(k) Day 2021

This year’s 401(k) Day® campaign provides a comprehensive set of resources and tools to help participants focus on their finances in a fun and encouraging way. Three bingo cards, each with a variety of tasks and resources with financial wellness strategies, will help participants take a moment to Refocus, Revive, and Reset their finances.

The campaign includes a guidebook for plan sponsors explaining ways to use the materials. The materials include a flyer, poster, email/internet banners, bingo cards and badges. Instructions for the players provide explanations of concepts such as debt, credit, budgeting, and saving in retirement plans. Most materials are available in a 403(b) version.

Use the campaign for 401(k) Day on September 10th this year, or anytime throughout the year that works best for you.

Special this year for plan sponsors: send your campaign successes to [email protected] to be featured in an article in Defined Contribution Insights magazine.

Thank you to Enterprise Iron Financial Industry Solutions, Inc. for their support of 401(k) Day 2021!

Campaign Materials:

2021 Campaign Guidebook

Player Instructions

Flyer pdf

Poster pdf

Email/internet banner 300x250 pxl with border .png

Email/internet banner 600x350 pxl with border .png

Email/internet banner 728x90 pxl with border .png

Email/internet banner 300x250 pxl no border .png

Email/internet banner 600x350 pxl no border .png

Email/internet banner 728x90 pxl no border .png

Refocus bingo card pdf

Revive bingo card pdf

Reset bingo card pdf

Refocus badge .png

Refocus badge .jpg

Revive badge .png

Revive badge .jpg

Reset badge .png

Reset badge .jpg

Graduate badge .png

Graduate badge .jpg

403(b) Versions

2021 Campaign Guidebook-403(b) pdf

Player Instructions-403(b) pdf

Refocus bingo card-403(b) pdf

Revive bingo card-403(b) pdf

Reset bingo card-403(b) pdf

Refocus badge-403(b) .png

Revive badge-403(b) .png

Reset badge-403(b) .png

Graduate badge-403(b) .png

Budgeting worksheet

Retirement income worksheet

Retirement expenses worksheet

Net worth worksheet

SMART Goals worksheet