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401(k) Day Resources

PSCA has been providing annual 401(k) Day® materials to its member companies for many years, and companies that have used the materials have experienced positive outcomes. Promoting your 401(k) or 403(b) plans with this free member benefit program helps break through the daily clutter and gets people to think about retirement in a different way.

In the past, 401(k) Day was celebrated the Friday after Labor Day, to play off the concept that "you start the week with Labor Day and end the week with Retirement." However, as focuses have shifted to holistic financial wellness, and companies want the flexibility to focus on retirement plan education when it best fits into the corporate calendar, we are now making the complete library of resources available to members to access at anytime. Chose the theme that best fits your employee population and meets your company's needs. 

2023 401(k) Day

Access the campaign to help participants better understand their retirement plan and retirement readiness.


Other Campaigns


Know Your Numbers - Checklist for plan participants to help them organize important information they may need for retirement. A checklist for plan sponsors to evaluate their own plans is also available.

Refocus, Revive Reset  - Bingo game to help participants refocus on their financial needs and priorities by playing bingo and earning badges.

Beneficiary Comics - Beni, Peni and Banksy dispell myths about retirement plan beneficiary designations.

Get in the Game - Football themed campaign to get your participants thinking about retirement like a winner.

Great Moments in Retirement History - Pique your employees' interest in learning more about your retirement plan by using a little bit of humor. 

Infographic styleBright colors and thought-provoking chunks of information call attention to why an employee should save.

Dream like a Kid! - Nostalgic kid-themed images, with taglines including "Pedal to the Metal" and "Up, Up & Away."

Food for Thought - Brightly colored presentation of food-themed retirement analagies.

Taking you There - GPS/road map theme to show the journey to retirement.

Making Wise Choices - Wellness theme linking lifestyle and investment decisions.