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70th Annual National Conference - Agenda

Join us to celebrate PSCA's 70th Anniversary!


General Sessions

  • Keynote May 2: Dr. Robert Merton, Addressing the Global Challenge of Funding Retirement
  • Harry Nathan Gottlieb (creator of You Don't Know Jack and designer of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire), Jellyvision
  • Cyber Security Panel
  • Washington Update by Groom Law Group
  • Retirement income panel
  • Latest EBRI research

Breakout Sessions

  • Results of Society of Actuaries research on post-retirement risk
  • Target date fund benchmarking
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Survey results
  • ESG investing
  • Recent lawsuits and what you can learn for your plan
  • Financial wellness and the employer's role
  • Retirement income and decumulation
  • Audit session
  • Communicating to employees - how to get them to pay attention
  • Behavioral finance
  • Ask the Experts Attorney Panel
  • and more

Plus: plan sponsor company roundtables

New this year: HSA track - three sessions to learn about investing in HSAs, how they are structured and communicating HSAs to employees

Stay to the end of the conference to experience the Retireholi(k)s live. 

"The Retireholi(k)s are changing retirement one beer at a time."

The Retireholi(k)s Show is a slightly inebriated insider's look into the retirement plan industry. The alternative to boring corporate webinars. The cast entertains and informs it's viewers with engaging retirement plan talk while enjoying the "beer of the episode"and inserting the occasional 401(k) related game, prank or hijink. It's 401(k) Edutainment! 

Check them out