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Tools, Techniques, Takeaways – Building A Better Retirement

By Jack Towarnicky

PSCA's 2019 National Conference, April 30-May 1, Tampa, FL 

It seems like only yesterday that we gathered at the 2018 PSCA National Conference: Your Oasis in the Retirement Plan Landscape.

I am biased, but I and many other plan sponsor attendees felt that PSCA’s 2018 conference was one for the record books. It included a variety of sessions and topics – including presentations on the fiduciary rule, reputational risk, retirement income, and many more.

One specific presentation has stuck with me – Andrew Biggs’ keynote: Is There Really a Retirement Crisis in America? Similar to a crescendo in music, that presentation only gets louder and more prominent as time goes on. In an article in last Friday’s Wall Street Journal, The Phony Retirement Crisis, Andrew updated and enhanced many of the major points from his presentation. To trigger action, Congress, academics and media often present retirement as a “crisis.” Famously, Rahm Emanuel once stated: “You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that, it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before.”1 That said, the retirement “crisis” is not retirement savings but “funding the pension promise” – Social Security, Medicare, state/local government pensions, multiemployer pensions, PBGC funding etc. Many of my recent blog posts focus on these issues.2

This year, you can count on PSCA to deliver an even better conference experience. The conference is focused on “Tools, Techniques, and Takeaways” – fostering your personal growth and benefits professionalism. Importantly, we will offer you the opportunity to obtain the brand new Certified Plan Sponsor Professional (CPSP®) designation. Conference attendees who are in plan sponsor roles are invited to attend the Wednesday afternoon review or “boot camp” and then sit for the credentialing exam on Thursday. The CPSP designation materials and exam will be available online after the conference.

I look forward to seeing you in sunny and warm Tampa!

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