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But I Repeat Myself Again: Sidecar = Suboptimal Part 2

By Jack Towarnicky

Specific purpose savings “solutions” are suboptimal.1

Many workers live paycheck-to-paycheck. Many are unable to cope with any variability in expenses and/or income. When monies are set aside for specific purposes, too often what remains are unpaid bills or high-cost debt.  

Throughout parts of five decades in plan sponsor roles, I encouraged participants to use their retirement savings account as a holistic financial wellness solution.3 Less than six months ago, I reconfirmed that the 401(k) is capable of “double duty” – it can meet savings needs today and tomorrow.4 Compared to sidecar accounts, the 401(k) is more effective at accumulating assets, generating positive investment returns and providing liquidity while also avoiding leakage. A year before that, I commented on the failure of MyRA.

But, sidecar account proposals keep coming.6 Simply, workers who live paycheck-to-paycheck won’t save (or won’t save enough) for retirement without liquidity. Too many policy wonks and academics assert that plan loans are leakage – similar to withdrawals. Plan loans are not leakage unless they are not repaid, and most plan loans are repaid.7  You should expect to see more proposals now that we have a new Congress.

Supposedly, the main purpose of these sidecar accounts is to ensure assets are available to meet emergencies and to help workers avoid pre-retirement distributions (also known as leakage). 

You can accomplish all that and more. Start by reviewing your plan’s liquidity provisions. Most can improve access while concurrently reducing leakage – eliminate hardship withdrawals, perhaps add unmatched after-tax 401(a) contributions and/or Deemed IRAs, adopt a line-of-credit loan structure and implement 21st Century loan processing (electronic banking).8 

Yes, it is that simple. Yes, you can do it today. No, you don’t need new legislation or additional regulation. And, please don’t wait for Congress to mandate some new, costly, potentially counterproductive “solution.”

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