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Mind the (Coverage) Gap

BY Jack Towarnicky 08/18/2019

Today they are your employees. With few exceptions, they had a different employer(s) in the past. And, chances are, most will work somewhere else, someday. So, start minding the coverage gap for all your employees. In 2016, 64% of workers ages 26 to 64 participated in an employer-sponsored retirement plan either directly or through a spouse.1 So,... Read More >>

Mind the (Return) Gap

BY Jack Towarnicky 08/11/2019

What You Do Know Can Hurt! A week or so ago, I posted a blog on the Wealth Gap. A gap does exist; however, studies show that plan sponsors are making significant strides towards closing the “retirement savings wealth gap” by deploying automatic features.1 This week, Dr. Derek Horstmeyer posted an article on the Return Gap2 - suggesting that “…... Read More >>

The “Elephant” In the Retirement Savings Room

BY Jack Towarnicky 08/04/2019

Too many plan advisors, service providers, policy makers, academics and pundits are hyper focused on saving for retirement – which may actually impede rank and file workers’ preparation for retirement. Many believe rank and file American workers must focus solely or primarily on saving in their 401(k) or 403(b) if they are to successfully prepare... Read More >>

Mind the (Wealth) Gap

BY Jack Towarnicky 07/25/2019

Slowly, surely, increased employment among non-white Americans, coupled with broader coverage under employer-sponsored, individual account retirement savings plans that deploy automatic features will, ultimately, reduce racial retirement savings and household wealth gaps. Again, once more, we encounter the myth of widespread coverage of defined... Read More >>

Retiree Medical Super Hero – The Health Savings Account

BY Jack Towarnicky 07/20/2019

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”1 This is the third of three posts – this post is focused on funding future medical expenses. In part 1 of this three-part series, I highlighted and estimated the costs for a Medicare-eligible retiree: “Most of your retirees qualify for non-contributory Medicare Part A hospital coverage (by... Read More >>

Retirement Super Villain – Retiree Medical – A Growing Threat

BY Jack Towarnicky 07/14/2019

A revelation! Retiree medical rides alongside pestilence, war, famine and death.1 This is the second of three posts on retiree medical - this post is focused on future retiree medical costs. In part 1 of this three-part series, I highlighted and estimated the costs for a Medicare-eligible retiree: “Most of your retirees qualify for non-... Read More >>

Retirement Super Villain – Medical Costs

BY Jack Towarnicky 07/07/2019

Superman had Lex Luthor. Batman had the Joker. Spider Man had Doc Octopus. Retirees have health care costs. Medicare For All? Watch Out What You Ask For1 Here is a summary of the financial features today’s retirees encounter in their health care coverage: 2019 Hospital Coverage: Point of enrollment (premium) per covered individual: $437/month, $5... Read More >>

Salami Slicing & Frog Boiling

BY Jack Towarnicky 06/30/2019

Salami slicing refers to a series of many small actions, often performed by clandestine means. As an accumulated whole, those small actions produce a much larger result than might have been possible if performed all at once. The advantage of strategic salami slicing is the ability to achieve large gains over time using small steps, incremental... Read More >>

I Did It My Way

BY Jack Towarnicky 06/23/2019

Regrets, I've had a few. But then again, too few to mention. I did what I had to do … I did it my way.1 They say workers will regret not saving enough for retirement! I agree. But your workers way may not be your way. “… of Americans with a financial regret, a whopping 56% say their financial regrets have to do with savings. … Saving for... Read More >>

You, Too, Can Be A Middle Class 401(k) Millionaire – Someday!

BY Jack Towarnicky 06/16/2019

Times change, and yet they don’t. A recent blog focused on significant changes in 401(k) plan design – earlier eligibility and accelerated vesting.1 However, some things never seem to change, such as the low levels of participation and contributions in voluntary enrollment plans among workers who are younger, have short service and lower wages.2... Read More >>