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Tomorrow's Retirement: Alarming or Amazing?

BY Jack Towarnicky 04/25/2019

The best way to predict the future is to invent it.1 As a plan sponsor, what are you working on to invent the future of retirement? Join Jack VanDerhei, research director at the Employee Benefit Research Institute, at PSCA’s 2019 National Conference, April 30-May 1 in Tampa, FL as he explores “Alternative Realities: Possible Futures for the 401(k... Read More >>

Is Your TDF Off Target!?

BY Jack Towarnicky 04/24/2019

A cruise missile will invariably hit its target after traveling at subsonic or supersonic speeds covering 500 to more than 1,000 miles, despite the fact that it weighs up to 1,000 pounds1! As a plan fiduciary, what’s the accuracy of the target date investment you selected for your participants? Join Ron Surz, president of Target Date Solutions... Read More >>

Marvel-ous! The HSA: A Retirement Superhero in Disguise

BY Jack Towarnicky 04/22/2019

Better tax preferences compared to a 401(k)! Greater longevity protection than in a Roth IRA! Able to provide retirement income, cover acute care medical expenses and long term care in a single account! Up at your employer, look! It’s a medical plan! It’s a retirement savings plan! It’s a legacy plan! It’s an HSA! Join Karen Rettger, president of... Read More >>

Ready or Not!

BY Jack Towarnicky 04/16/2019

Employers and workers struggle with deferred, delayed retirement decisions. Join Patti Rowey, vice president at the Transamerica Center for Retirement Studies and Marc Howell, FSA, EA and vice president for custom retirement solutions at Prudential as they share their expertise on “Helping Workers With the Financial and Emotional Aspects of... Read More >>

Investment Thrills & Chills - Volatility

BY Jack Towarnicky 04/15/2019

The S&P 500 swung at least 2 percent on more than half of the trading days during the fourth quarter of 2018 – the most in any three-month period since 2011. “When things move a little bit up or down every day, that’s good,” Morgan Stanley’s Chief Financial Officer Jon Pruzan said in an interview. “When they go up 600 points one day and down... Read More >>

Financial Independence is the Greatest Civil Liberty!

BY Jack Towarnicky 04/09/2019

To paraphrase President Kennedy, automatic features can be a rising tide that lifts all boats. The title of this post comes from a presentation more than a decade ago given by Mellody Hopson of Ariel Investments. A Mass Mutual study reminded me of that long-ago presentation when it described a study that reflected America’s cultural and economic... Read More >>

401(k) Does Double Duty as a Holistic Financial Wellness Tool

BY Jack Towarnicky 04/03/2019

Savvy Student Loan Debt Management as Part of Retirement Preparation There has been much discussion about how student loan debt affects retirement preparation. Earlier in 2018, the IRS confirmed a solution for one plan to permit employer contributions based in part on student loan debt payments.1 Plan sponsors may encounter complexity and... Read More >>

What Were Participants Thinking, Anyway? Decumulation Behavior

BY Jack Towarnicky 03/25/2019

An ever-increasing number of participants may not be thinking about what to do with their 401(k) assets after they retire – they may procrastinate, leave assets in the plan, and never make a decumulation decision!1 Join Suzanne Shu, associate professor of marketing at UCLA, at PSCA’s 2019 National Conference, April 30-May 1 in Tampa, FL as she... Read More >>

The Technologically Savvy 401(k) Plan In Your Future

BY Jack Towarnicky 03/18/2019

PSCA’s 61st Annual Survey: 43.6 percent of plans use mobile technology! PSCA’s 61st Annual Survey shows that 43.6 percent of surveyed employers offer plans that use mobile technology – a rate that has doubled since 2014. An article reviewing a recent study by the Spectrem Group, reported as key findings:1  More than 60 percent of plan... Read More >>

Misbehaving Savings - Part 5 of 5

BY Jack Towarnicky 03/13/2019

Responding to Intriguing Participant Requests March 2006 – Second Class Compensation During my three-plus decades in plan sponsor roles (1979-2010), I often studied workers’ savings elections and took the opportunity to frequently ask them to explain their contribution, investment and withdrawal decisions. I shared a few encounters – the first,... Read More >>