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Access: The HSA In Your Future: Defined Contribution Retiree Medical – Part 2 of 3

By Jack Towarnicky

A month ago, I previewed one of my presentations at the World at Work, Total Rewards Conference.   

Back in 2004, I predicted:  “Twenty five years ago, no one had ever heard of 401(k), twenty-five years from now, everyone will have a HSA!”  If you offer health coverage and/or an individual account retirement savings plan like a 401(k) or 403(b), but you do not offer an HSA-qualifying health option, your workers are missing out on America’s most lucrative benefits tax preference. Read More >>

Qualified Plan Loans – Evil or Essential? – Part 1*

By Jack Towarnicky

On May 22nd in Dallas Texas I will be presenting this topic at the World at Work, Total Rewards Conference.  This is a preview of that presentation.  

Why do so many believe plan loans are “evil” in terms of their impact on retirement preparation? A quick Google search identified more than one hundred articles to document that most of the benefits industry and benefit press believe 401(k) loans are bad. Read More >>

National Retirement Planning Week 2018 was two weeks ago. Did you miss it? (Another in a series)

By Jack Towarnicky

Time to start working on National Retirement Planning Week 2019!

As mentioned in a prior blog, PSCA recently joined the National Retirement Planning Coalition1.  Their website is titled: “Retire On Your Terms.” 

The Insured Retirement Institute has participated in sponsoring a National Retirement Planning Week for the past ten years, this year during the week of April 9th (details below). Read More >>

Financial Wellness Includes Retirement Planning & Preparation (Part of a Series)

By Jack Towarnicky

PSCA recently joined the National Retirement Planning Coalition.  The website is titled:  “Retire On Your Terms.”     

Like other Coalition members, PSCA believes in the need for comprehensive retirement planning.   

However, perhaps retirement planning itself needs to change. Consider a discussion I had this week with a retirement savings industry expert who wondered why his firm had experienced a significant decline in the number of participants using his “best of breed” retirement planning calculator. Read More >>

The HSA In Your Future: Defined Contribution Retiree Medical – Part 1*

By Jack Towarnicky

On May 22nd in Dallas Texas I will be presenting this topic at the World at Work, Total Rewards Conference.  This is a preview of that presentation which starts by focusing on:  

  • The projected range of post-employment medical coverage costs; 
  • The decline in employer-sponsored retiree medical coverage; 
  • The limitations on alternatives for tax-preferred funding of retiree medical coverage (VEBA, IRC§401(h), HSA);
  • Why expansion of taxpayer-funded Medicare and Medicaid benefits are not likely; and 
  • Why new state coverage initiatives are not likely. Read More >>

401(k) Trends … Where we’ve been … Where we may be headed – Part 2

By Jack Towarnicky

NAPA 401(k) Summit Pressentation

This is a continuation of our last blog on 401(k) plan trends – past and future. In the prior post, I identified:

  • Six 401(k) trends that have emerged over the past ten years, as documented in PSCA’s 60th Annual Survey, and 
  • Four other economic and demographic trends that affect 401(k) participation, including:
    - The frequency of equity market declines after 1945;
    - Median tenure of American workers is less than five years; 
    - Today’s 50 year olds held an average of 12 jobs between their 18th and 50th birthday; and
    - 60% of American households will pay little or no income tax in 2018. Read More >>

401(k) Trends - Where We’ve Been and Where We May be Headed – Part 1

By Jack Towarnicky

As presented to attendees of the NAPA 401(k) Summit April 15-17.

In February, the Plan Sponsor Council of America (PSCA) released the results our 60th Annual Survey of 401(k) and Profit Sharing Plans.  This week, I attended the National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA) Summit for the first time to present on 401(k) plan trends. Read More >>

And, The Winner of the 401kRace Is....You

By Jack Towarnicky

If you participate in your 401(k) plan, you win!  It is that simple.  Here are 10 steps to winning the 401kRace.    

10. Start saving and keep your money in the plan.  You don’t need to know the precise, final destination to start the 401kRace. Read More >>

Life is Full of Surprises, Life is Unpredictable*

By Jack Towarnicky

Retirement planning projections are difficult – particularly if you limit savings to only those monies you will need for retirement.

As a corporate, consulting and compliance benefits professional, I had the privilege of working personally with thousands of workers – particularly when it came to planning for retirement. Read More >>

You Can “Win” the 401kRace Even if it is Your First Marathon

By Jack Towarnicky

Even though the 401kRace is a Marathon, you don’t need to be financially fit before you start! 

Ever hear of an American distance runner named Galen Rupp?  You should have.  He has won many races at 5,000 and 10,000 meters. Read More >>

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