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Life is Full of Surprises, Life is Unpredictable*

By Jack Towarnicky

Retirement planning projections are difficult – particularly if you limit savings to only those monies you will need for retirement.

As a corporate, consulting and compliance benefits professional, I had the privilege of working personally with thousands of workers – particularly when it came to planning for retirement. Read More >>

You Can “Win” the 401kRace Even if it is Your First Marathon

By Jack Towarnicky

Even though the 401kRace is a Marathon, you don’t need to be financially fit before you start! 

Ever hear of an American distance runner named Galen Rupp?  You should have.  He has won many races at 5,000 and 10,000 meters. Read More >>

But It’s a Dry Heat: Hot Topics in Retirement.

By Jack Towarnicky

Welcome to PSCA’s 71st Annual National Conference, May 1–2, in Scottsdale, AZ.  Come learn from our ERISA legal experts as they discuss/debate Cybersecurity, Litigation, and Retirement Income/Decumulation:  Thomas E. Clark Jr. JD, LLM, Of Counsel, The Wagner Law Group; The Honorable Phyllis C. Read More >>

The “Other” Retirement Planning Model (First of a Series)

By Jack Towarnicky

In my last plan sponsor role, I very much enjoyed one of my work assignments - leading a pre-retirement planning seminar.  It was offered at least five times a year.  It was a two day affair, offsite, with food and spirits. Read More >>

The 401k Race is a Marathon

By Jack Towarnicky

You Can’t Sprint Your Way to Retirement

To succeed in the 401kRace, it takes consistent savings activity over an extended period of time.  It is a marathon, not a sprint.    

100 Meters is a Straight Line Sprint; Retirement is at the Finish of a Winding Road Marathon

The 401kRace is a marathon – a distance race, decades in length. Read More >>

Delivering Financial Wellness: How to move from “idea” to “action.”

By Jack Towarnicky

Mark Singer, CFP®, President and Founder, Financial Literacy Toolbox will present on financial wellness at PSCA’s 71st National Conference. Click here for the full agenda.

Financial Literacy Challenge

Financial stress may be the result of Ineffective personal financial management and poor financial habits. Read More >>

Your Team in the Race for Retirement

By Jack Towarnicky

Long ago, having run a few races, I often found myself running alone – whether in training or in the race itself.  But, in fact, after my first race, I was never really, truly alone.  I had my team with me – every step of the way. Read More >>

Risky Business - Retirement Risk Taxonomy

By Jack Towarnicky

Carol Bogosian will present the results of Society of Actuaries post-retirement risk analysis at the PSCA's 71st Annual National Conference.

Many Americans envision a retirement of leisure and travel – financed by federal entitlements like Social Security and Medicare and participation in retirement savings plans. Read More >>

All Time Famous Races! Now it is Your Turn

By Jack Towarnicky

Is the 401(k) the Wind At Your Back?
It is easier to win your 4.01K Race for Financial Fitness™ if you have the backing of tax preferences and employer financial support which are only available in a 401k plan.

Consider these historic races:

  • The 100 Meter Dash: The current women's world record in the 100 meters dash is 10. Read More >>

More Doom & Gloom? The Real Retirement Crisis

By Jack Towarnicky

Andrew G. Biggs, Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, will kick-off PSCA’s 71st National Conference (May 1st – May 2nd, Scottsdale, AZ) by confirming America does have a retirement crisis, while dispelling the myth that our crisis results from a failure of workers to save. Read More >>

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