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FAQs for PSCA's ERISA Fiduciary Training Program

How do I register for the training?
You can register from the main page or click here.

My company is a member of PSCA. How much does the training cost for members?
The training for each individual from a member company who registers for the training is $250.

My company is not a member of PSCA. How much does the training cost for me?
Individuals who are not members of PSCA or whose companies are not members pay $750 for the training.

What forms of payment are accepted for the program?
A valid credit card, either Mastercard, Visa, Discover or American Express is required for payment. However, you may pay by check if your company is a member of PSCA and requires a purchase order.

If my company requires a purchase order, what do I do?
If you are a member of PSCA, send your purchase order to PSCA either by email to or by fax to (312) 419-1864 or by mail to PSCA, 4401 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 600 Arlington, VA 22203. You will be sent an invoice. Once the invoice is paid you will be provided with access to the training program.

If I already have a login for the member's only content of the website, do I need to create a new login for the training?
No, you may sign in with your regular ID and password, then register and pay for the fiduciary training program.

If I am already registerd for the training, how do I access the curriculum?
Sign in to your session either from the fiduciary training main page or by clicking here
You will then be on a page that lists the modules and the associated tests. Choose one of the modules or tests to begin or continue your training. 

Can I stop in the middle of a module and continue at a later time?
Yes. You may log out and when you wish to log back in, you may do so. You should remember where you left off, as the program will start at the beginning when you come back. You will be able to choose the slide you wish from the list at the right.

How do I earn a certificate for completing the training?
Work through the first three modules, take their associated tests, and if you pass each of the three tests, you will see a screen that acknowledges your completion of the program. You will be mailed a certificate at the address listed for your company or organization.

Can I get continuing education credits for completing the training?
Yes, the 3-module program will earn you 2 credits, and if you complete the 4th optional module, you may receive a 3rd credit. If you are a member of World at Work, the program has been pre-approved. Click here for more information. For CEBS certified users, education sessions of this program may qualify for CEBS continuing professional education (CPE) credit. Visit for more information.

If any of my company's information has changed, such as our address or company name, who should I notify?
Contact PSCA by email at by phone at (312) 419-1863 to provide your updated contact information.

May I retake a test if I don't pass one?
Yes. You may retake the tests. 

Will I have unlimited access to the fiduciary training program?
Yes. You may go in and out of the training as often as you need until you complete the program.

How do I find out if my company is a member of PSCA?
Call PSCA at (312) 419-1863 or email If your company is not a member and you wish to get information on membership, you may request it at this time.

My company is not a member of PSCA. How do we find out about membership or join?
Call PSCA at (312) 419-1863 or email You may request a membership kit, or, if you are ready to join, you may request an application. You can also download an application by clicking here

If I have any problems with the program, is there a help desk for troubleshooting?
You may contact Tobi Davis at if you have any issues or problems with the online program or have questions not answered here.