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Coronavirus Impact on Retirement Plans

PSCA has compiled a list of resources below regarding the impact of the Coronavirus on retirement plans. This will be frequently updated as PSCA continues to monitor the situation.

PSCA also conducted a survey of plan sponsors to see how they are responding, available here

A number of recordkeepers/TPAs are already reaching out to plan sponsors regarding decisions about the optional provisions of the CARES Act, notably COVID-19 related distribution and loan options. While some are waiting for instructions from plan sponsors, others have – at least initially – made some assumptions. ARA has created a reference table, updated regularly. 



  • PSCA Webinar: Coronavirus Relief Update (Members only)
  • CARES Act – Optional or Required? (Robert M. Richter, ARA, April 12, 2020)

             Part 1 – Distributions
             Part 2 - Loans
             Part 3 – RMD Waivers

Plan Design Changes

Withdrawals and Loans

Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs)