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“Hot” is, of course, a matter of opinion, and yet insights on what’s “hot” (and what’s not) can be the difference between having an innovative and effective benefits program, and one that undermines the traditional benefits goals of attracting and retaining a qualified workforce.  Indeed, what’s “hot” today can quickly fade into yesterday’s fad.  This section is designed to help you not only know which is which, but to guide your application of the latest thinking on retirement plan administration and design. 

Secure 2.0

ARA has created a timeline of retirement provisions in SECURE 2.0 and their effective dates, along with some other resources regarding the SECURE 2.0 Act. Read more> 

Coronavirus Impact on Retirement plans

PSCA has compiled a list of resources for plan sponsors regarding the impact of the Coronavirus on retirement plans. Read more>

Automatic Features

Drawing from the insights of behavioral finance, “automatic” features have emerged as an effective way to overcome participant inertia, and in the process dramatically increase the rates of benefit plan participation. Read more>

Disclosures & Participant Communication

When communicating the terms and conditions of their retirement savings plans to employees, participants (active, term vested, retired), and beneficiaries, the plan sponsor and plan administrator must choose the form, number and volume of material.  Read more> 

Default Investment Alternatives

Every design decision a plan sponsor makes (or doesn’t make) affects plan provisions and what happens when employees or participants fail to act.  For example, in plans with voluntary enrollment, the default is no saving.  Read more>