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Automatic Features

Drawing from the insights of behavioral finance, “automatic” features have emerged as an effective way to overcome participant inertia, and in the process dramatically increase the rates of benefit plan participation.  That said, while these designs have been enormously effective, they are anything but “automatic” for plan sponsors, who must take into account a number of different factors in determining what, and how much, should be automatic.

Automatic Enrollment in HSAs. 
Can sponsors use an automatic enrollment feature common in 401(k) plans to boost participation in HSAs?
Defined Contribution Insights, Summer 2018

60 Percent of You Adopted Automatic Enrollment Features.  Did You Select the “Right” Defaults? 
It is possible one very important default decision may have slipped past you.
Defined Contribution Insights, Spring 2018

Default Is Not Mine — I Only Live Here.
Considerations regarding target-date funds as the plan QDIA.
Defined Contribution Insights, Summer 2018

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