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Defined Contribution Insights


Employers are restoring contributions to their plans while focusing on investments.
By Hattie Greenan
Non-qualified plan design is highly customized for each company’s employee population and retirement
By Hattie Greenan
Sept/Oct 2011
403(b) plan sponsors continue to improve their plans in response to regulations and participant need
By Hattie Greenan
July/Aug 2011
Employers continue to shorten plan eligibility periods.
By Hattie Greenan
March/April 2011
More than 90 percent of plans provide at least one of three services to participants: professionally managed accounts, investment advice, and/or target-date funds.
By Hattie Greenan
Jan/Feb 2011
PSCA releases its 53rd Annual Survey of Profit Sharing and 401(k) Plans, which reflects data for the 2009 plan-year.
By Hattie Greenan
Nov/Dec 2010
An overview of results from PSCA’s most comprehensive 403(b) survey to date.
By Hattie Greenan
July/Aug 2010
PSCA developed a snapshot survey in response to the DOL and Treasury Department’s RFI regarding lifetime income products.
By David Wray
May/June 2010
Trend toward shorter eligibility period continues.
By Hattie Greenan
March/April 2010
Majority of plan sponsors made no changes to matching and non-matching company contributions.
By Hattie Greenan
Jan/Feb 2010
Survey Shows Continued Commitment to 401(k) Plans.
By Hattie Greenan
Nov/Dec 2009
Two-thirds of survey respondents would consider changes to their plan’s target-date funds.
By David J. Bauer, Benjamin F. Phillips and Justin R. White
July/Aug 2009
Many respondents would like an investment option that provides guaranteed lifetime income in retirement.
By Manu Balakrishnan, Salim Ramji, Celine Dufetel and Sofia Santos
May/June 2009
Trend towards shorter eligibility periods continues.
By Hattie Greenan
March/April 2009