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Defined Contribution Insights


By Jay Kirschbaum and Jack Towarnicky
Preparation is key — steps employers can take before disaster strikes.
By Jay Kirschbaum and Jack Towarnicky
Claiming abandoned assets can be profitable. How can sponsors protect participants?
By Terry Dunne
Here’s how to “true-up” the employer match.
A resource guide to help you periodically evaluate your plan service provider.
To be more specific, what is success when managing a retirement plan?
By Paul Powell
The DOL provides specific search requirements and recommended distribution options to missing participants in terminated defined contribution plans.
By Jeffrey R. Capwell and Felicia L. Mitchell
Seven questions for plan sponsors.
By Stacy L. Schaus
The future is now.
By J. Spencer Williams
Why go it alone?
By Trisha Brambley
What your auditing firm does and why they do it.
By Barry L. Shaw and David M. Kot
To avoid steep fines, make sure that clients are compliant with all DOL and IRS regulations.
By E. Thomas Foster Jr.
Due diligence is essential for target date strategies.
By Julie Leinenbach
Sept/Oct 2011
Tips for avoiding “buyer’s remorse.”
By Joseph J. Masterson
May/June 2011
Service provider reviews and expense analyses help plan sponsors ensure that they are paying reasonable plan fees.
By Mendel A. Melzer and John R. “Chip” Harkins
Sept/Oct 2010
How do you test fiduciary conformity?
By Roger Levy
May/June 2010
A guide for plan sponsors.
By Phillip G. Chiricotti
March/April 2010
A guide to help plan sponsors navigate the new filing rules.
By Michael Webb, CRS, CEBS, AIF™
Sept/Oct 2009
The filing process for the Form 5500 will be paperless by 2010.
By Janice M. Wegesin
July/Aug 2009
The IRS announced new plan limitation that go into effect January 1, 2009.
Jan/Feb 2009