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Defined Contribution Insights


Helping participants make better decisions.
By Constantine Mulligan and Dennis Scarpa for PSCA’s Investment Committee
CITs may offer many benefits to your participants as part of your investment lineup.
By Lana Bergstein, Tim Kohn, and Frank Lallos for PSCA’s Investment Committee
The marketing lure of “free” and its possible implications on your fund lineup.
By Chris Carosa
A twist on the target-date fund approach.
By Ron Surz and Jack Towarnicky
Buyers guide for plan sponsors of defined contribution retirement plans.
Part 2: Considerations of Offering Retirement Income Solutions in the Plan
Part 1 of an in-depth analysis of retirement income solutions.
By Michael A. Sasso
Starting with the goal in mind helps to mitigate risk in saving for retirement.
How behavioral economics can guide the construction of your investment menu.
Considerations regarding money market funds and stable value funds in your DC plan investment lineup.
By Robert E. Pike
ESG funds in your 401(k) plan can help increase millennial participation.
By Paul R. Ainslie, Robert E. Pike, and Matthew W. Sherwood
A prudent process for selecting and evaluating your retirement plan's target-date fund.
By Ashley diMayorca and Kathryn Spica
A primer on the types of advice, guidance, and education available and how to choose the best fit for your participants.
By Anna M. Rappaport
The culture that you wish to foster is communicated by how your plan is designed and the investment offerings within the plan.
By Lenard S. Cohen
Constructing and communicating your investment lineup to increase positive investing behaviors.
By Kweku Obed with Introduction Tony Verheyen
What investment options are right for your plan and your participants?
By Deb Rosenberg
An overview of six investment trends.
By Lynda Sanderson
Evaluating asset allocation strategies.
By Massi De Santis
A risk management Q&A.
By Chuck Cornelio
Fulfilling fiduciary responsibilities.
By Angelo Auriemma, CFA® and Preet Prashar, CFA®
Tips for plan fiduciaries.
By Joseph Adams, Anne Becker, Karen Simonsen, and Ashley McCarthy
Understanding alternatives for short term fixed income.
By Ronnie Shah
Or at least it better not be.
By Timothy H. Scherman
In an era when investment returns may be underwhelming but no less uncertain, it may be time to rethink asset allocation.
By Michael S. Falk
Analyzing target date fund glide paths.
By Cleo C. Chang
Plan sponsors’ efforts are paying off.
By Douglas Prince and Jeffrey Prince
Assessing long-term value.
By Bob Batchelor and Edward Mooney
A guide for plan sponsors.
By Marcia J. Peters
Plan participants need to focus on variables that they can control.
By Michael S. Falk
Nov/Dec 2011
How ERISA and the Internal Revenue Code govern employer stock and other property
By Thomas M. White and Jonathan R. Epstein
Sept/Oct 2011
Plan sponsors should consider stable value funds as part of their plan investment lineup.
By Ben Baldridge and Gina Rowland
July/Aug 2011
A proposal for the DC core menu architecture.
By Jed Petty, CFA
May/June 2011
A simpler solution just might be best.
By Michael S. Falk
March/April 2011
The popularity of target-date funds has grown since the early 1990s.
By Christine C. Marcks
Nov/Dec 2010
Lost or Found?
By Douglas Prince and Deana Harmon
Sept/Oct 2010
One employer shares their success with “deemed” traditional and Roth IRAs.
By Moderated Stacy L. Schaus, CFP®, PIMCO DC Practice Leader
July/Aug 2010
Stable value funds passed the “trial by fire” of the recent economic downturn.
By Kevin Vandolder and Scott McLerran
May/June 2010
Identifying a secure investment approach.
By Christine C. Marcks
Sept/Oct 2009
Does your stable value fund stack up?
By Steve Ferber and Bret Estep
May/June 2009
Income annuities can help plan participants achieve their retirement goals.
By Gary Baker
Jan/Feb 2009