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Exploring What the World is Really Craving From Professionals - WiR Third Thursdays

Joey Santos-Jones

September Episode Description: In personal branding, we’re encouraged to be authentic and diverse but then criticized when we open up, making us wonder—what does the world really want from us? How can we express ourselves in a way that we’re comfortable with, that’s “real and true,” but not scare away our target audience? In what ways can we be... Read More >>

What Not to Do as a Plan Sponsor

John Iekel

Of course, laws and regulations, as well as fiduciary duty, spell responsibilties plan sponsors must fulfill. But sometimes what one does not do is as important as what one does, an industry expert reminds.  It is helpful to not only know what to do but also what to avoid, argues Mark Olsen, Managing Director at PlanPILOT, in “The Top 5 Mistakes I... Read More >>

Persisting Gender Gap Shadows Workplace Financial Wellness Programs

Joey Santos-Jones

Research by HerMoney Media and Principal Financial Group highlights a continuing gender gap in workplace financial wellness programs. The study finds that even though men and women save similar amounts of their incomes, significant differences exist in their confidence and understanding of money management and investing. Survey Overview The 2023... Read More >>

Federal Court Backs DOL in ESG Rule Suit by Red State AGs

Nevin Adams

“Having considered the motions, pleadings, and relevant law,” a federal court judge has backed the Labor Department in a suit brought by 26 red state Attorneys General challenging the so-called ESG rule. The coalition[i] that brought the suit in January 2023, alleged that the 2022 Rule “undermines key protections for retirement savings of 152... Read More >>

Plan Priorities and Pain Points

Hattie Greenan

  This quarter sponsored by: Nuveen, a TIAA company   As we look ahead to next year, we asked plan sponsors what their plan priorities are for 2024, their expected pain points, and how PSCA can help. Though the most pressing of SECURE 2.0 provisions has been delayed for two years, bringing a collective sigh of relief from the industry,... Read More >>

SAFER Act—Retirement Savings Saving Lives: WiR Third Thursdays

Joey Santos-Jones

In our August Third Thursday, we discuss the Safer Act, which became a provision in SECURE 2.0 allowing penalty-free withdrawal from retirement plans for victims of domestic abuse. Given the breadth and scope of domestic violence, this educational session offers background information on the Safer Act and its importance. We look towards 2024 when... Read More >>

House GOP Leaders Criticize DOL Investigations, Cite Effects on Plan Sponsors

Nevin Adams

Noting that “prolonged investigations carried out by federal agencies, such as EBSA, create tremendous strain on retirement plan sponsors,” two key House Republicans are pushing back. In a Sept. 19 letter to Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su, Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.), chair of the Education and the Workforce Committee, and Rep. Bob Good (R-Va... Read More >>

The Hidden Threat of 'Spending Spikes' on Retirement Security

Joey Santos-Jones

New research from J.P. Morgan Asset Management and the Employee Benefit Research Institute has shed light on the crucial link between financial wellness and retirement readiness, analyzing an expansive dataset from 29 million Chase households and 11 million 401(k) plan participants. The study, focusing on the period from 2016 to 2020, delves into... Read More >>

Growing Retirement Savings Gap: Impact of Income and Race on Older Workers

Joey Santos-Jones

A recent Government Accountability Office (GAO) report examines the disparities between retirement accounts of older workers in low-income and high-income brackets. The findings suggest that federal tax incentives may not benefit the broader demographic as intended. Key Findings: Growing Disparities Over Time: The gap in retirement savings... Read More >>

Will Cuts to SS Change Plan Designs?

Hattie Greenan

This quarter sponsored by: Nuveen, a TIAA company There has been some talk in the media of Social Security benefits being cut in 2033 is the system is not shored up. Reports say the benefits would face a 23 percent reduction in benefits across the board – more than $17,000 for a newly retired couple and $13,000 for a single new retiree annually... Read More >>