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Note: To inquire about joining a PSCA committee, please email PSCA. Only PSCA members are eligible to participate on committees.


  • HSA Committee
  • Legal and Legislative Committee
  • Education and Communication Committee
  • Retirement Industry Advisory Committee
  • National Conference Planning Committee
  • Research Committee
  • Non-Profit Research Committee
  • Investment Committee
  • Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Committee 

HSA Committee
Chair: Tom Gordon 

Legal and Legislative Committee
Chair: Stephen McCaffrey, National Grid

The Legal & Legislative (L&L) Committee’s primary mission is to provide the PSCA perspective in Washington on sound retirement policy in both the regulatory and legislative areas. The L&L Committee meets quarterly and has numerous sub-committee meetings. The end result of our work is that the American private retirement system – in particular, 401(k) plans – has never been stronger or more influential. Most importantly, we are preserving the ability of each employee to retire in a dignified and financially secure fashion.

Education and Communication Committee
Chair: Stacy Gutschenritter, Union Bank & Trust Company

The Education and Communication Committee provides access to effective, high quality communication and financial education materials/ideas that are on the cutting edge. The goal of the committee is to help company-sponsored profit sharing/401(k) plans to positively influence employer profitability and to improve employee use and appreciation for their plan.

Retirement Industry Advisory Committee (Formerly PRAC)
Chair: Neil Lloyd, Mercer

The continuing goals of the Retirement Industry Advisory Committee are:

  1. To help expand PSCA membership;
  2. To create additional leverage for PSCA, enabling them to track and, where possible, influence governmental practices and policy toward defined contribution plans;
  3. To drive PSCA’s message to the national press by reinforcing issues important to the formation and preservation of defined contribution plans in the service provider and plan sponsor community;
  4. To maintain a meaningful dialogue with PSCA on the views of the service provider community.

National Conference Planning Committee
Chair: Tobi Davis, PSCA 

The National Conference Planning Committee meets to develop the program for PSCA’s highly regarded National Conference. Through its educational conferences and seminars, PSCA can offer the plan sponsor unbiased information, the tools to deal with common plan challenges, and timely updates on regulatory and legislative developments. This year’s efforts to improve the National Conference include changes in the program structure, increased marketing to non-members, and offering professional continuing education credits.

Research Committee

The Research Committee identifies areas of investigation and develops surveys to document current plan practices and employee behaviors. In addition to serving as a valuable tool for plan sponsors, PSCA’s data provides an important backbone of real-world experience to support PSCA’s legislative efforts. The primary focus of the research committee is the development of the annual survey questionairre. 

Non-profit Research Committee

The Non-profit Research Committee identifies areas of investigation and develops surveys to document current 403(b) plan practices and trends. PSCA, as an advocate for increased retirement security, has recognized the dearth of information available on 403(b) plans and has endeavored to shine light on practices in this market.  The committee has several conference calls a year and assists in the development of a comprehensive benchmarking survey as well as smaller snapshot surveys throughout the year on timely topics. Committee members are expected to attend and contribute to the conference calls, and to be advocates for the surveys.

Investment Committee
Chair: Tim Kohn, Dimensional Fund Advisors

The Investment Committee is comprised of plan sponsors and providers with a shared interest in the latest trends, developments and usage of investments used in employer-sponsored retirement plans.  The group discusses both theoretical and pragmatic issues relating to asset allocation, portfolio composition, and topical issues such as the adoption of target date funds and retirement income products. The objective of the the group is educational. It seeks to expand the perspective through an active dialogue of what investment committees, plan sponsors and plan participants need to understand about which investment vehicles will enable participants to achieve their retirement goals.

Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Committee
Chair: Bruce J. McNeil, Stoel Rives LLP
The NQDC provides guidance on matters impacting members related to Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation plans. The committee meets monthly and is working towards relaunching the NQDC Plan Annual Survey and creating a buyers guide, best-practice guide, white papers, and presentations to benefit PSCA's members and the plan sponsor community.