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PSCA Membership

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Why Join PSCA?

Through PSCA, you'll gain new perspectives, groundbreaking insights and innovative ideas, focused on one goal — helping working Americans look forward to a comfortable retirement.  Whether you are — or work for — a Fortune 100 or a small start up, PSCA provides you with valuable resources, such as:

  •     Legislative and regulatory updates.
  •     National conferences.
  •     Quarterly, monthly and weekly publications.
  •     Research and benchmarking.
  •     Communication and plan management best practices.
  •     Certified Plan Sponsor Professional (CPSP) credential program just for plan sponsors.

Find more member benefits here.

CPSP Membership

Plan sponsors who earn the Certified Plan Sponsor Professional (CPSP)TM credential receive a free individual membership in PSCA. It is automatically granted when the individual applies for the credential. The membership will not expire as long as the credential maintenance requirements are fulfilled. Find information on the CPSP credential here.

Corporate Membership

PSCA corporate membership is open to any employer that sponsors a qualifying plan or is in the process of adopting a qualifying plan within the next 12 months. Employer-sponsored, qualifying plans include active profit sharing, 401(k), 403(b), or a related tax-qualified, employer-sponsored retirement plan. A company may have an unlimited number of its employees under a corporate membership.

It's easy to become a corporate member of PSCA.  Simply fill out the membership form, attach a check or credit card information and mail to PSCA or scan, email or fax your completed form to (703) 516-9308 with credit card information directly to PSCA.

ARA Thrive

The ARA Thrive Mentoring Program for Women facilitates mentoring relationships for female retirement professionals by pairing those newer to or aspiring to a career in the field with tenured, successful advisors, third party administrators, and industry professionals.

The program encourages deep partnerships between women who are seasoned in the retirement field and those coming up in their profession.  This formalized relationship helps those newer to the industry learn how to successfully navigate the issues facing them as women in the retirement industry—from negotiating roles within a team to marketing and new client acquisition.

Mentors and mentees are encouraged to connect regularly.  We recommend one to two touch points per month—or as needed.

Whether you’re looking for a mentor – willing to be one – or both – this is your opportunity to get (more) connected.

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