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2022 Nonqualified Plan Survey

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PSCA conducted a survey of non-qualified defined contribution (NQDC) plan sponsors in October 2022. This report is the only independent benchmarking tool available to NQDC plan sponsors. 

PSCA's 2022 Nonqualified Plan Survey reports on 135 active account balance non-qualifed deferred compensation plans. The report includes data about:

  • Reasons for offering a plan
  • Eligibility criteria 
  • Contribution types
  • Plan financing 
  • Distribution methods
  • And more...


This year's survey is only available as a PDF.  Please read the terms of use carefully. To order a 50-100 user or 100+ (unlimited) user license, please contact [email protected].

Type Member Price Non-Member Price
Single-User PDF: $220 $620
10 User Licenses (Internal Use Only): $1,500 $3,000
50-100 User License (Internal Use Only): $7,500 $15,000
100+ Users (Unlimited Internal Distribution): $10,000 $20,000