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PSCA Executive Reports

May 31, 2018

Tax Reform – Phase Two in House?

In an interview with Fox Business on May 23, Ways and Means Chairman Kevin Brady (R-TX) said he hopes for the House of Representatives to pass a second tax reform bill by November. During the interview, Chairman Brady alluded to creating incentives to help families save earlier and more often, including encouraging auto-enrollment in workplace retirement plans. At this point, it is not entirely clear how Chairman Brady would encourage auto-enrollment. His comments suggest legislation that would mandate employers use auto-enrollment, but Chairman Brady has previously been opposed to employer mandates. We also note that there is still talk of including “incentives for Roth” in the tax bill. 

On May 25, White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short said the administration is working with Congressional Republicans on a second tax reform bill and they hope to release a bill by the end of summer.


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