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An overview of defined contribution plan fiduciary types.

Considerations regarding money market funds and stable value funds in your DC plan investment lineup

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Pension Promises Without Funding Are Mere Dreams

November 12, 2018

First things first: Congress should begin by addressing the significant underfunding of Social Security and Medicare. States and local governments should be focused on public employee pensions. read more >>

Impediments to Saving for Retirement – Part 2 - The Solution? The Right Kind of Liquidity

November 09, 2018

What’s the best solution where saving for retirement is not a priority? Meet workers where they are with the right kind of liquidity! Don’t agree? Well, what about the next best solution? You guessed it: help workers avoid the wrong kind of li read more >>

The Birth of a Notion

November 06, 2018

“Unintended consequences” are generally a bad thing.  But not always. read more >>

Impediments to Saving for Retirement – The Barriers, Part 1

November 05, 2018

Today’s typical histrionic, hyperbolic headline: “Retirement Crisis: Workers Can’t Afford to Save For Retirement Due to Crippling Out of Pocket Medical Expenses and Crushing Student Debt!”1 The accurate rewrite: “Saving read more >>

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