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Perquisites Behaving Badly?

November 11, 2019

In a recent Colorado Sun article, University of Oregon associate professor of law Elizabeth C. Tippett asserts1: Companies offer all sorts of benefits and extras to attract the most favored workers, from health care and stock options to free food. read more >>

It’s My Money and I Need it Now!

November 04, 2019

On Demand Pay Apps Address Financial Illness Symptoms – Are They The Newest “Attractive Nuisance?”1Workers living payday-to-payday? Cash-strapped? Money problems? Unbanked, underbanked? Unexpected expenses? Damaged credit? Income shock read more >>

Irresponsible, Unaccountable, Unreliable

October 25, 2019

Who are we talking about - plan sponsors or participants? Is there added exposure for plan sponsors who do (more than) the minimum? Nearly a decade ago, my predecessor David Wray wrote a blog post titled: “401(k) Adequacy and Employer Liability.&rd read more >>

A Focus on Fees – Seven Years Later

October 21, 2019

Few read mandated fee disclosures; the disclosures may mislead more than they inform.In 2012, I analyzed the EBSA’s fee disclosure regulations. read more >>

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