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401(k) Day 2023


As we commemorate 401(k) Day®  2023, we are embracing the theme  “Invest In You” to emphasize the importance of personal growth, understanding, and prioritization of financial health. This year, our commitment is to equip plan sponsors with tools to encourage plan participants to take charge of their financial futures.

What's New?

Educational Scripts: We've designed a set of four scripts that plan sponsors can utilize. These scripts are curated to motivate and educate plan participants about the significance of saving diligently for their retirement.

Best Practices Guide: Recognizing the shift towards digital learning, we're providing a comprehensive guide on best practices for filming educational content. This ensures that the message is clear, engaging, and effective.

Embrace the "Invest in You" campaign on 401(k) Day® or at a time that resonates most with your audience throughout the year.

Send your campaign successes to [email protected] to be featured in an article in Defined Contribution Insights magazine.

Campaign materials: