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PSCA Celebrates Independence

By Tony Verheyen

This Saturday, July 4th our Nation observes the passing of another year of Independence. 

Images of American flags, fireworks, parades, and family barbeques – symbols that bind us to our Nation’s past, present, and future – will be abundant. 

As we reflect on the gift of Independence, it is important to consider the following excerpt from the United States Constitution: 

“We hold these truths to be sacred and undeniable; that all men are created equal and independent, that from that equal creation they
derive rights inherent and inalienable, among which are the preservation of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Read More >>

A View from the Road: Washington, D.C. Fly-In

By Tony Verheyen

In mid-June, PSCA members went to Capitol Hill to meet with key staff members of the Senate HELP Committee, Senate Finance Committee, and House Education & Workforce Committee.

The staff members repeatedly complimented PSCA for its leadership throughout the years and objective voice on behalf of plan sponsors in their communities. Read More >>

A View from the Road: Charleston City Event Symposium

By Tony Verheyen

On May 7, PSCA led a City Event Symposium in Charleston, South Carolina. 

Representatives from 22 organizations and representatives of two U.S. Congressmen attended the event held at the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel in Historic Downtown Charleston. 

Plan Sponsor attendees gained valuable insight from presenters, panelists and other attendees, as presenters and panelists addressed timely and relevant topics. Read More >>

A View from the Road: Omaha City Event Symposium

By Tony Verheyen

On April 23, PSCA led a City Event Symposium in Omaha, Nebraska. 

26 Representatives from 21 organizations attended the event; held at the headquarters of Kutak Rock, LLP, a national legal practice with offices in 17 cities and a nationally-renowned ERISA practice. Read More >>

A View from the Road: Charlotte and Milwaukee City Event Symposiums

By Tony Verheyen

In March, PSCA led successful City Event Symposiums in Charlotte and Milwaukee.The purpose of the City Event Symposium Series is to: 
(1) provide relevant continuing education opportunities for DC Plan Sponsors; 
(2) connect with potential members and existing members at a local level; and 
(3) solidify a member-driven, grass roots initiative that can be replicated in cities around the country in the years to come. Read More >>

PSCA is Thankful for Plan Sponsors

By Bob Benish

Tomorrow, when the Benish family sits around the Thanksgiving table and we share what we are thankful for, I am going to thank plan sponsors. I want to thank them for giving us, and millions of other Americans a strong, successful employer-sponsored retirement system. Read More >>

No Fooling, your retirement may be in better shape than you think!

By Bob Benish

Despite the histrionics of media stories and self-serving comments, Americans are actively saving and saving more for their retirement than ever before. According to PSCA's 56th Annual Survey, the average account balance for profit sharing/401(k) plans is $98,418.   According to ICI the average balance for participants in their 60s with at least 30 years of tenure with the same employer was $208,892. Read More >>

403(b) Plan Survey Results Show That Plan Sponsors' Work is Paying Off

By Bob Benish

Do you sometimes feel that you are unappreciated? That the work that you do every day is seldom noticed and your efforts are not making a real impact? Sadly, this feeling is shared by many plan sponsors who have worked tirelessly for the past decades to get people to join their retirement savings plans. Read More >>

Want an answer? Just ask the right question.

By Bob Benish

One would think that an organization devoted to defending America’s unsustainable public employee pension system would have enough to do without relentlessly bashing the successful private sector defined contribution system. Then again, maybe changing the conversation is their best approach.

The National Institute on Retirement Security continued its war on 401(k) plans yesterday by releasing a survey that – shock and awe – found that most Americans are concerned that current economic conditions might affect their retirement security. Read More >>

The PSCA Survey Soaks Up Valuable Retirement Plan Data

By Aaron Friedman

National Practice Leader - Tax-Exempt, the Principal Financial Group, Princor Registered Representative on February 20, 2013

Maybe it’s just me, but people always seems to be clamoring for my opinion. For example, my receipt from the automotive repair place tempts me with a $5 coupon toward my next oil change if I call and complete a survey. Read More >>

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