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QOTW: Gen Z Savers

Last week a new report from BlackRock showed that Gen Z savers are saving at higher rates than other generations – at an average of 14% of pay (though the report doesn’t specify if that is deferrals only or includes employer contributions).  This seems high, but the notion that younger workers are saving at higher rates than other generations is... Read More >>

2022 HSA Survey

PSCA's annual HSA Survey is out now. Read more> Read More >>

QOTW: Contribution Changes

Last week a reporter asked for data on companies suspending 401(k) contributions due to economic conditions. This is not something we had heard from members – in fact we know many companies are looking at increasing contributions and benefits to attract talent. But a google search shows a couple companies announcing match suspensions so we asked... Read More >>

2023 Retirement Plan Limits

As expected, many of the key plan limits increased for the 2023 plan year including the elective deferral limit, the DC Plan combined limit, and the annual compensation limit.  Below are the limits for 2020-2023 – click here for a downloadable version. See IRS notice 2022-55 for a complete list of all plan limitation amounts.   2020 2021 2022... Read More >>

QOTW: Catch-ups

A provision in the EARN bill in the Senate included a requirement for catch-up contributions to be Roth after-tax contributions (as a pay-for for other provisions). We wondered how much participants actually use the catchup provisions and what impact a Roth requirement would have. Thirty percent of respondents indicated that about half of eligible... Read More >>

QOTW: ESG Suitability

Opinions on ESG funds are as polarized as … well as politics in this country these days. And the fact that guidance on ESG shifts depending on which political party is in the white house, it is no wonder. And, it looks like we may be getting more guidance soon.   A recent reader poll of advisors by showed some shift in opinions about ESG... Read More >>

QOTW: Inflation and Plan Loans

A member mentioned they have seen an increase in participants asking about plan loans lately and wondered if others are and if they are contemplating any changes to loan or hardship provisions. We asked members in this week’s QOTW what they are seeing and also asked if they are providing any specific education around this topic. Nearly 30 percent... Read More >>