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Are You Still Avoiding Automatic Features!?

BY Jack Towarnicky 03/11/2019

PSCA’s 61st Annual Survey: 61.2 Percent of Plans Deploy Automatic Enrollment PSCA’s 61st Annual Survey showed that 61.2 percent of companies deploy automatic enrollment features, typically only limited to new hires. The goal is to boost participation in their 401(k) plan. Early adopters of automatic features often used a default deferral rate of 2... Read More >>

Got Hacked?

BY Jack Towarnicky 03/10/2019

Can you answer that question? Are you watching the news?1 Note that the cybersecurity threats to your retirement savings plan have shifted and mutated. In the past, plan sponsors and service providers focused on data breaches, but that’s too late! All those breaches mean your participants’ retirement plan data is out there and available to be... Read More >>

Misbehaving Savings - Part 4 of 5

BY Jack Towarnicky 03/06/2019

Responding to Intriguing Participant Requests Nov. 2008 – Fee Disclosure Follies During my three-plus decades in plan sponsor roles (1979-2010), I often studied workers’ savings elections and took the opportunity to frequently ask them to explain their contribution, investment and withdrawal decisions. I shared a few of those encounters – the... Read More >>

Target-Date Investments

BY Jack Towarnicky 03/05/2019

Transparency Has Significant Value Sway Research reported that assets under management (AUM) for target-date investments expanded in 2018 - mutual fund solutions declined 1.9 percent while collective investment trust (CIT) solutions increased 6.1 percent, leading to overall growth in target-date solutions from $1.75 trillion (year-end 2017) to $1.... Read More >>

Tools, Techniques, Takeaways–Building A Better Retirement

BY Jack Towarnicky 03/03/2019

PSCA's 2019 National Conference, April 30-May 1, Tampa, FL  It seems like only yesterday that we gathered at the 2018 PSCA National Conference: Your Oasis in the Retirement Plan Landscape. I am biased, but I and many other plan sponsor attendees felt that PSCA’s 2018 conference was one for the record books. It included a variety of sessions and... Read More >>

A Bucket List for Retirement?

BY Jack Towarnicky 02/27/2019

Buckets May Be An Unnecessary Impediment to Retirement Preparation and Spending Bucket lists for retirement are not solely about places to see and things to do.1 Some financial experts recommend buckets for investment and spending in retirement2, others for investment and saving in preparing for retirement.3 Beware… Investment and Spending in... Read More >>

Misbehaving Savings - Part 3 of 5

BY Jack Towarnicky 02/25/2019

Responding to intriguing participant requests June 2007  You Can Lead A Horse to Water, But… During my three-plus decades in plan sponsor roles (1979-2010), I often studied workers’ savings elections and took the opportunity to frequently ask them to explain their contribution, investment and withdrawal decisions. In prior blog posts, I shared the... Read More >>

Are You Still Avoiding Roth!?

BY Jack Towarnicky 02/20/2019

 PSCA’s 61st Annual Survey Roth is available in 70 percent of surveyed plans! Roth keeps rising: Pre-tax 401(k) contributions are available in 95 percent of surveyed plans; the rest are traditional profit-sharing plans. And, Roth is now available at 70 percent of surveyed plans, among all sizes of employers – a significant increase compared to... Read More >>

Is Your Aim True?

BY Jack Towarnicky 02/14/2019

In accounting, one will “true up” an estimated revenue to equal the actual amount. In cycling, you true a wheel by adjusting the spokes to make it perfectly circular in relation to the hub – with no “flat spots.” Some retirement savings plan designs do not provide the same employer financial support if contributions vary throughout the year.1 A... Read More >>

But I Repeat Myself–You Should Offer a Fully-Insured, Retiree-Pay-All, Employer-Sponsored, Medicare Advantage Option to Retirees

BY Jack Towarnicky 02/06/2019

Yes, yes, yes … offer both an HSA-capable option to workers1 and a Medicare Advantage option to retirees. While many American workers live paycheck to paycheck, almost all can afford to contribute to the employer sponsored retirement savings plan and to a health savings account. It is the exception when a worker’s medical expenses, student loans... Read More >>